Sentí algo rozando mi espalda

a spatial photographic installation by Sara Appelgren

A boundary is the connection between two adjacent parts. A border is therefore always a meeting point as much as a limit. It is defined by separation simultaneously it is a relation between this and that, like a line on a paper or a path in the forest. These are impressions that enfold synchronously as it divides.

In Appelgren’s artwork we encounter several duets, formed as five different constellations, where we see two people at the time embracing each other. The produced situation doesn’t offer a complete view of the whole installation from any angle within the space, nor in any of the individual images.

The idea transpires from a 180-degree movement, in which the audience steps into. The impossibility to create an overview from a single observation point is emphasized by engaging real time and movement in space.
The intimacy of an embrace does not create a visible meeting, as the gaze rests beyond the shoulder. Our personal projections and histories separates.

How do we give the other the space they need?

Why do we smother or consent?